ShiRReT bag, ready to felt, for my daughter's drum sticks.
Juliet age 10, plays the drums: this bag for her sticks is her first Shirret. She made up the stitches her own way. She demonstrates amidst our rugs at NY Sheep & Wool in Rhinebeck.

. . . Can you. C r o c h e t ?
. . Then you can. S h i r r e t
1- Cut scraps into strips 3/4" wide...
With my special long rug needle, baste
in and out through the middle of a strip
(but you are not sewing or using thread).
2- There's a hook on this unique needle.
Crochet a slip loop of string over the
hook part of the needle.
3- Now wiggle some fabric off the hook &
onto the slip loop stitch. A simple concept.
. .FREE HOW - TO movie 2 minutes
The rest of the rows are stitches with bits
of fabric added. Don't worry if it looks
haphazard! Dunk it in HOT WATER & the
stitches pull tight together. Tom Hanks
says it takes 130 repetitions to get muscle
memory. "It's just double
crochet! You
You think about relating the colors," says
Steph White, On/Site Magazine, Canada

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