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. . ..Who doesn't crochet?
and yet SHIRRET is new to everybody.
Shirret is just crochet, but with a specially
made rug hook. The stitches are hidden
inside and through the fabric.
. .. Shirret does something that crochet ..
can't do: Make Targets not spirals.
.sh Shirret is quick, too, because
increase, you just pull off extra fabric,
instead of making extra stitches.
. . .Plus, it's easy to shirret Stripes in
squares to lace together into a Quilt.
. .. 2 basic crochet stitches
. .. + outgrown corduroy play pants
. ..
+ Cord and pattern on page 57
. .. = $6
for a velvety reversible 3x3' rug. . . .
I feel resourceful and productive. . .
. . . I love the evolved thoughts I get
from the rhythm of the shirret stitch.
.. tMy gran, my mother and I together. ... t.
created The Art of Shirret by Louise
McCrady. It has drawings of how to cut &
stitch. It has patterns for every rug shape
for reliable results from pages 75 to 85.
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