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shirret corduroy patchwork skirts
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I love color, luxury, and
new experiences.

I love to ShiRRéT™ and to
feel productive.

I love the problem-solving
thoughts I get from the
rhythm of the stitch as I
watch the colors fit together.

I love helping the environment.

Flirty skirts from high
school, outgrown children's
corduroy pants, plaid wool
flannel shirts, out of style
ikea curtains: I cut them
into 3/4 inch wide strips
using a special folding
technique to cut multiple
layers at once. I recycle
and get fabulous
interior decoration.

There's no burlap grid to
fill in. ShiRRéT™ is finished
after every row and round!
I use and share my ShiRRéT™
as I make it.

I enjoy the pleasure of
creativity and beauty.

ShiRRéT™ is reversible,
the same on both sides.
Every design is possible.



















This is an educational site created to share Shirret rug making information. Shirret is a word Louise McCrady invented. It combines shirring and rhymes with crochet.
Mother to Daughter to Mother to Daughter, it is devoted to the work of four generations surrounding Louise McCrady from West Hartford Connecticut, who in her
early years in Indianapolis played Little Orphan Annie, graduated fifth in the first class to admit women to Purdue University with a Bachelor of Sciences, was a book reviewer,
and a Big Band jazz vocalist in Harry McCrady & his Orchestra throughout Indiana and Michigan.


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